We provide a value added service

The name Ragamama Ragasaan is derived from the Sanskrit word Raga, which literally translated means tone or colour. Some connoisseurs of Classical Indian music often refer to Raga as love. A Raga is one of the melodic modes used in traditional Indian music reflecting times of the day, seasons and different moods. Similarly our events are orchestrated right from the very onset using the same core values of love, honesty, integrity and respect.  We value our clients and often maintain lifelong relationships with them, participating in and orchestrating events to commemorate weddings, birthdays and anniversaries.

Bringing a fusion of different flavors, fragrances, moods and love, Ragamama Ragasaan creates an experience like no other. We are proud of our traditional Indian heritage, which places great emphasis on hospitality.  An unrelenting passion for food and service has allowed Ragamama Ragasaan to break boundaries and to bring together various cuisines of the world. We are both humbled and proud to say that here at Ragasaan we bring your dreams to life.

Our Promise & Values

Some people call it a mission statement. We call it 'our promise to you'. To provide a professional and seamless event management and catering service in a creative, innovative and cost effective manner; thereby  ensuring that  our client’s specific aims and objectives are fulfilled. We always go that extra mile to insure that your vision of the event is brought to life.  We believe in providing a "value-added" service, that has evolved over the years, as has our experience of events. Quite simply, we will  provide professional, seamless event management, with a special mix of cuisine and décor that will leave you and your guests completely mesmerized! 

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