An Autumn Wedding Theme

An Autumn Wedding Theme

Have you planned an autumn wedding? Many people have started to set their big day in the shorter days but that doesn’t mean it will be a gloomy cold affair. Follow our tips from the Ragamama Ragasaan event planners for the perfect autumn wedding. It all starts with the right venue.

Wedding décor has come a long way since the ghastly gold and maroon theme from the 90’s, which consisted of drapes, balloons and confetti on the tables. With so many wedding décor experts on board, more tasteful wedding décor can transform the ambience of your wedding day. Usually at weddings we like to add a pop of colour or perhaps a neutral colour palette, which is fine for spring and summer. The beauty of autumn is that you can really embrace a colour palette that complements the season such as ochre, rust, burnt orange, deep purples and deep reds and still soften the colour pallete by adding a soft peach or lilac to really bring out the earthy tones. Paired with gold and bronze, the décor at any venue will definitely add a luxurious look and feel to your wedding. Using these colours and themes through your décor will create something different and impress your guests especially with the autumnal flowers, foliage and berries. You can find out which are in season by checking with your décor supplier or at the florist. Adding a candle or a lantern will really give your guests a warm and toasty feeling.

The beauty of autumn is that you can add handmade features, which is perfect for the season as you can play with organic materials and textures to enhance the theme. An example of adding texture without it over powering the tables would be burlap napkin rings with deep coloured berries tied with raffia. With the right team and budget your ideas can come to life. Thinking about autumnal elements adding edible wedding favours such as a mini apple pie or apple-spiced sweets can be the ideal conversation breaker for the event.

Most weddings that we have catered at, THE wedding cake is a key feature and décor is usually complimenting the cake or vice versa. Adding autumnal flowers and berries will really add to the cake and may be you could have different layers of cake flavours that are warming such as spiced apple cake or pumpkin. It will surely be something different to vanilla or lemon cake. If you prefer chocolate, why not opt for a chocolate orange sponge? Served with teas or coffer after a long day is the perfect finish to your wedding day. You could offer your guests alternative warming drinks such as a pumpkin spiced coffee, chai latte or a warm autumn punch with apples and berries and cinnamon sticks. The list is endless but it will be a classy touch to an autumn themed wedding.

Now all you need to do is decide on the gourmet Ragamama Ragasaan menu choice for your autumn wedding. With all the fine dishes available, we can create the right menu from Indo-fusion to Punjabi or Gujarati to Specialty Desserts dishes for your guests. 

by Bhuvinder Flora

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