A Maharaja Themed Wedding

A Maharaja Themed Wedding

Maharaja is a Sanskrit word - Maha means great and Raja means Prince/King so the actual translation is Great King. Of course in India, there were at one time many Maharajas that ruled states across the country. In 1947, India's royalty lost their official powers, however, the modern-day Maharajas are still influential and wealthy in the state they ruled. It might have been a very long time ago since we saw a wedding of a King, perhaps it might have been our Grandparents that could recall the last royal wedding in an era of the Indian Maharajas. The modern-day Maharaja of Mysore, Yaduveer Krishnadatta Chamaraja Wadiyar, (at the tender age of 25, is the 27th and present titular Maharaja of Mysore) recently married Princess Trishika Kumari at the royal palace that was attended by 1000 guests and a further 2,500 attended the lavish evening reception. 

In our 20 years being one of the finest suppliers and contributors to the wedding industry, we have seen that every groom becomes a Prince on their wedding day, but a true Maharaja themed wedding is a lavish affair where the groom will be conscious of the style of clothes they wear, and far from being a 'Groomzilla'. The invitations that will be sent to all their guests and the event decor is often well thought through and coordinated with the bride and both families. Indian weddings are carefully planned events which consist of many pre-wedding functions as well as a grand wedding and reception. Truth be told, there is a 99% chance that the grooms Maharaja attire is to match the bride's wedding attire. And what makes a happy marriage? Compromising on your wedding theme because the dream has already been created before even meeting the 'One'. This is just the start of a lifetime of happiness and Ragamama Ragasaan are here to help you create it.

For the perfect Maharaja themed wedding, the attire has to be perfect. When we think of 'Maharaja', we first think about the groom's attire which consists of rich shades of red, maroon, emerald green, navy and gold / antique gold, exquisite fabrics and intricate embroidery complemented with a full styled-to-perfection beard, a perfectly tied turban and jewels; lots of them, necklaces, rings, earrings, brooch and a jewelled sword with a Maharaja styled turban adorned with jewels just like the last Maharaja of the Sikh Empire. 

The decor for a Maharaja themed wedding reception has to be opulent with bold colours and gold, lots of it! Attention to detail to every inch of the decor from the table menus, favours, place settings, table clothes, venue decor and even the presentation of the food has to be absolutely grand. Think of coordinated rich fabrics, strings of pearls and gold beads with emerald and ruby elements, peacocks, elephants and flowers for the finishing touch. There are elements of the west that can be incorporated into a Maharaja theme, which can be a white or pearl finished cake, which is embellished with fine decoration to compliment the decor in mouthwatering flavours and the seating arrangements.

Any Maharaja themed wedding will have wedding banquet that guests and the couple will enjoy. Starting with irresistible canapés, Champagne flowing freely, mouthwatering starters and rich and delicious mains followed by mesmerising desserts. Our favourite dishes for Maharaja themed weddings have to be a mix of Indian cuisines from the delectable Ragamama Ragasaan Punjabi menu, Gujarati menu and South Indian menu along with our speciality desserts. Sounds like a dream but with our expertise, we can make your Maharaja themed wedding a reality! Contact us to discuss your grand wedding affair!

by Bhuvinder Flora

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