Last Minute Checklist for an Indian Wedding

Last Minute Checklist for an Indian Wedding

For many brides and grooms, it is the final month building up to THE Wedding Day. As exciting as it is and with so much going on you need to be ready for the big day and don't forget the rings. Let's face the truth; brides have so much more to do for their weddings than grooms. The groom's side will probably say it is about the same, financially perhaps it is but the number of ceremonies that are involved for the bride and the fact that she will be leaving her maternal home is a huge factor. Memories come flashing back from all the good times with your family and friends. The bride may only be moving down the road, but she could be moving a few hundred miles away or even to another country. Either way, there will be emotional moments during the wedding. 

The last couple of weeks running up to the wedding is usually an extremely busy time, as couples will need to have confirmed everything from catering, décor, photography and all your personal things. We have a few tips to ensure that the running up to your wedding goes a smooth as possible. 

Giving Notice
Yes, everyone knows you are getting married, however, there is a little but a very important legal document that you need to obtain prior to the wedding. Both bride and groom will need to give notice of marriage in your local Register Office anytime between 12months – 28days before the wedding date. If you live in separate areas you will need to book an appointment with your local office and not the local office of the area where you are getting married. Appointments do tend to get booked quickly so this should be done well in advance. You will be asked a few questions and you will also need to take some identification. Once you have the letter of notice for marriage, you may need to give this to the registrar of the place where you will have your civil ceremony. This is a legal requirement so don’t forget otherwise you won't be able to get married!  

Confirm the suppliers you have booked for your wedding to ensure that everything will run on time. Things to consider are Venue, Transportation, Caterers - Numbers and Menu, Photographers, Videographers, Entertainment, Décor and Makeup Artist. If you have booked Ragasaan to manage your event, we will confirm with all the suppliers, saving you time to relax and pack your honeymoon suitcase. 

Final Payments
Most suppliers won't go ahead with their services if they haven't been paid. Check your contracts and make sure you have paid all the suppliers on time to avoid mishaps on the day. Don’t forget to get a receipt for every payment made to any supplier that you have used. 

Contact the wedding cake suppliers to arrange for your cake to be delivered on time to your venue and assign someone who can be contacted if needed on the day.

Buy Holiday Items
If you are going away, you want to buy those essentials for your honeymoon. Remember this is the time you get to spend with your partner so leave plenty of time for romance before coming back to the real world and getting back to your daily routine.

You probably have had a lot of your friends and family help you arrange your wedding. Show your gratitude with a small gift that you can leave with them on your wedding day. If you are giving jewellery or cufflinks then you could give them before hand so they can wear it on your wedding day.

Table Plan
A table plan can help to ensure that your guests are seated straight away. If you have a big family, rather than writing individual place cards, it may be easier and quicker for you to place the main family members name and don’t forget to note the number of guests per family. This can be printed and placed at the venue on a large easel or frame, where it can be seen easily. Depending on the number of guests you may want to place two table plans.

Itinerary of the Wedding Day
An itinerary will help the bridal party organise things and make sure that your wedding is running on time. We know not everything goes to plan with timings, but try not to worry about this as this can happen. With an experienced Ragasaan Event Coordinator and team, we can ensure that the whole day runs as smoothly as possible. We would schedule the day so that the day allows for adequate time for your wedding ceremony, reception, cake and first dance followed by your wedding banquet. Having it all cramped in will leave you flustered and the day of your dreams will start to look a little hazy. It is your day so enjoy every moment.

Check Bridal Attire
Double check your outfit, do you have everything? Does it fit? You will be amazed how many brides and grooms loose weight just by the sheer pressure of organising a wedding. Ensure that you have the whole outfit and accessories together in one place so that it makes dressing up easier.

It is all about those wedding shoes. Manolo's, Jimmy Choo or your favourite brand are not so pretty if they are a bad fit and unfortunately not all shoes fit perfectly, which you have been lead to believe by watching Disney's Cinderella. Shoes need to be broken into to avoid pinching and horrible blisters. You’ll be glad you did when you dance away at the wedding reception. 

Don't forget to go to all your appointments; most importantly don't forget to eat in between them. The last thing you want to do is pass out in the middle of a cut-throat blade shave or wax. As close as you want your depilation date to be to your wedding day if you are having a haldi ceremony, a few hours later then you may risk yourself from getting a skin reaction. Just plan your days so that you have recovery time after so your skin doesn’t appear sore and blotchy. Many beauty therapists will recommend 24 hours before applying henna or haldi to the skin where treatment has been given.

The most dreaded part of packing is double checking that you have packed everything you need knowing that your wedding is tomorrow! Our advice is that you pack your overnight bag first, a small holdall, which has your essential toiletries, nightwear and clothes for the next day. Keep packing as simple as possible to make the whole process easier by organising suitcases to honeymoon things, clothes, toiletries and accessories. You might feel a little nostalgic when deciding whether your should part with a pair of jeans that saw you through your late teens all the way to university but this is also the ideal opportunity to have a massive clear out. Packing in advance will make it easier to move and find things in the time after your wedding day and heading off to a destination of pure bliss and relaxation. 

On The Day
Ring: It seems like something that only happens in the movies, but it can be easily done. THE WEDDING RINGS. All those viewings, fittings and money, this is the one thing you cannot forget. 
Eat Breakfast: You will need the energy, even if it is a nutritious smoothie made with fresh strawberries and a banana will keep you full for a few hours. You have probably gone over the wedding menu many times with one or two tastings but we have heard stories where the Bride and Groom or parents didn't eat anything other than that one Pani Puri, which barely touched the walls of your stomach. With our Event Management team, their top priority is for you to enjoy the day and to eat the delicious food catered for your guests and the new couple. Nobody likes a 'hangry' person especially if it is mummy or daddy or even worse the new Mr & Mrs.

Most Importantly; Enjoy
For some brides and grooms, you may be having celebrations throughout the week. Enjoy these events as they are for you. There may be some customs you don’t want but discuss these with your family prior. Just think of the photographs that will get captured if you are not impressed by some of the customs. Many customs have no symbolic reason behind it and asking an elder may not give you the answers you are looking for but it is all fun and games. The stages of planning can be stressful but making it an enjoyable time will make the whole wedding day worth it.

Arranging a wedding is a huge task so don’t be afraid to delegate. Juggling work, social, planning and everything else isn’t as easy as it looks but we can help you with the event planning. All you need to do is tell us what your dream wedding looks like and we will give you various options and deliver your dream wedding. At Ragasaan, we have years of experience in wedding planning and event management right down to the finer details, and you can ask close members of your friends and family to help with other things such as pre-wedding ceremonies or shopping for last minute essentials. Just think of the good nights sleep you will get once you know everything is in the capable hands of Ragasaan and your nearest and dearest. A rested Bride and Groom equals to a happy wedding couple!  


by Bhuvinder Flora

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