Ragamama Ragasaan Event Management and Caterers

Ragamama Ragasaan Event Management and Caterers

With a wealth of knowledge of the wedding industry, Ragamama Ragasaan in London has over 20 years of experience in serving fresh delicious food. If you need to a events management company to take care of your big day, then Ragamama Ragasaan is the one. We are approved by many venues across London and we are able to plan your event and cater food to your requirements from our extensive menu list. 

We provide many wonderful venues across London and surrounding areas and we have built strong relations with many venue event managers approved suppliers. With our network of suppliers and venue locations, options include venues for civil, religious wedding ceremonies and breathtaking venues for a grand reception. And as we know that you may have a religious ceremony that requires a mandap, we have a selection that you can choose from. Our venues are of varying sizes and have capacities from 2000 to 150 people. Whether you’re planning on having a large celebration, or a low key event, we can ensure the satisfaction of your guests.

We are passionate about food from around the world and that is why Ragamama Ragasaan is able to provide a vast range of dishes from their selection of menus. Dishes are fresh, delicious and mesmerising with an innovative presentation that wows the guests. The food we cook for guests provides a delightful experience for all the senses. The Ragamama Ragasaan Chefs expertly prepare a variety of fusion foods covering a range of cultures and cooking styles. At your next event, why not try our selection of canapés and live stations, a fantastic way to take part in an experience of enjoying your meal. 
Our menus include;
Breakfast Menu 
Punjabi Menu
Gujarati Menu
Exotic Fusion Menu 
Indo-Chinese Menu 
African Menu 
Continental Menu
Canapé Menu 
Specialty Desserts
Live Stations

Why Use Ragamama Ragasaan?
A very long time ago, Asian caterers weren’t an option as there weren’t many around, let alone an events management team. However, Ragamama Ragasaan had the passion for catering and planning for events with the intention that hosts can enjoy their event.  Growing from strength to strength, couples planning a wedding found that organising a wedding is a full-time task and requires a lot of time and effort. Your event should be a joyous time without the stress and every aspect of your wedding should be as smooth as possible and with Ragamama Ragasaan, your event is in the right hands. Ragamama Ragasaan offers the whole package from locating the right venue, event planning, event management and catering. There needn’t be any worry when an experienced event coordinator manages your event. With the right connections with suppliers, Ragamama Ragasaan is able to attend to booking the main aspects of your event and the finer details to complete the event. 

by Bhuvinder Flora

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