REAL WEDDING: Harvey & Sukhi, Hilton Wembley

REAL WEDDING: Harvey & Sukhi, Hilton Wembley

Bride: Sukhi
Groom: Harvey
Date: 14th September 2013
Venue: Havelock Road Gurdwara and London Hilton Wembley
Photography: Bigday

As seen in Asiana Issue AW36

Proposal and Planning
There are some moments in life that are so magical, you can’t possibly imagine them. The day Harvey proposed to me is one of them: a memory that will stay with me forever. A born romantic, Harvey chose the most wonderful day of the year to utter the four important words: Valentines Day, but that wasn’t all. The location he picked was out of this world. Harvey whisked me off on a secret break to Marrakech. He arranged the entire holiday himself, taking care of everything. To be honest I had a slight suspicion (going on holiday in mid-February set the alarm bells ringing) but Harvey didn’t let my inquisitive nature win. I searched through all his bags and didn’t find the ring so stopped thinking about it and decided to just enjoy spending quality time with him. 

On Valentine’s night, we headed upstairs to an amazing rooftop location where we could see the entire city. The view was phenomenal. Harvey had arranged exclusive access to the roof which belonged to a restaurant and that is where he popped the question. To say I was taken back was an understatement. I was so shocked that for the first time in many years I was lost for words. The feeling was totally surreal. He made me feel like a princess; the most lucky woman on earth. But that was just the start of our fairytale union; the best was yet to come…

I had always wanted a big, lavish wedding, the kind you see on the pages of a magazine, so knowing my time had finally come was so exciting, if a little bit daunting. First of all came the invitation list; it was sizable, but manageable, we decided on 500 guests and our priority was to give them the best party of their lives. The main concept for us was that everyone would have a good time and enjoy celebrating our day. As for how that would happen, the task fell upon me. I set to work immediately creating spreadsheets and look-books but Harvey’s response to my efforts was simply ‘whatever makes you happy’.

The Big Day
When the day finally arrived I was so happy. I couldn’t wait to get ready; both our outfits maintained a traditional feel and we were lucky enough to have them made in our hometown of Amritsar, making them all the more special. Our religious ceremony took place first at Havelock Road Gurdwara. I loved that it was so intimate and magical. I’ve been to so many weddings, but it’s only when it’s yours that you truly appreciate the spiritual side of becoming husband and wife. Seeing Harvey looking so smart in all his finery was like a dream but nothing beat the feeling of walking up to him and seeing his big smile. We followed the traditional rites with a quick photoshoot before moving on to the hotel where Harvey had a quick shave before we made our grand entrance. It was incredible, I can still feel the lump I had in my throat. We had five dhol players and everyone was cheering and clapping, it was just the kind of energetic and upbeat start to married life we had wanted.

Fondest Memories
The most magical memories from our day include the evening entertainment. Everyone enjoyed dancing and drinking to the terrific tunes of Ritzy Djs, but despite being busy having so much fun, guests came up to us and told us how much they enjoyed the event, echoing that we’d done a great job with the planning, something I’m proud of. I also couldn’t stop laughing when my little nephew who is just 18 months old took to the decks, we all think he has a great future as a wedding DJ ahead of him!

Sukhi & Harvey’s mouth-watering menu
Canapés (drinks reception): Mogo Chips, Sula Kebabs, Lamb Chops Gol Gappa, Chilli chicken
Starters: Chilli Paneer, Manchurian Agra Samosa, Chana Chaat, Methi Chilli Chicken Tikka, Fish Amritsar
Main: Butter Chicken, Chilli Lamb, Daal Makhani, Kadhai Mutter Paneer, Achari Aloo Baingan, 
Pulao Rice, Cucumber Raita, Green Salad, Assorted Naan Bread
Dessert: Sliced Fruits, Paan Kulfi, Profiteroles, Gulab Jamun, Mango Kheer, Vanilla Cheesecake

Why we chose Ragamama Ragasaan
We didn’t choose a caterer; we always knew that there was only one option for us: Ragamama Ragasaan. Four years ago my sister got married and she booked Ragamama. After witnessing their professionalism, pride, commitment to making the couple their priority and of course trying their delicious food, I told Pammy from Ragamama there and then that if I ever get married I would book her, so it was a pleasure to fulfill that promise. The only decision we needed to make was where our dream day would take place. When Havey, Arun from Ragamama and I visited the Hilton Wembley I knew instantly that it was where I wanted to get married. Their spacious yet charming banqueting hall was exactly what we needed – having 500 guests we wanted them all to feel welcomed and comfortable which is exactly what the hotel provided. 

I can’t express enough just how amazing Ragamama were. As well as finding our venue and taking care of the catering, they worked with all the suppliers to make sure the whole the day was executed smoothly. Every aspect of their service was five star including their ideas and advice not just their presentation and delicious food which is what they are best known for. It made me realise it’s not just the food that matters, but who makes it. The Ragamama service is unique. They make you feel wanted and give you options that will actually work. I was especially pleased they created all the dishes we wanted as it meant I got to eat all my favourite foods. But it wasn’t just me who enjoyed the feast – guests too couldn’t get enough. In fact, one guest asked if there were lamb chops left to take home!

For the bar, Ragamama also made sure our guests has a superior choice of beverages like Chivas Regal Whisky, Absolute Vodka, Malibu and a full menu of cocktails and mocktails.

I knew they were the best in the industry before I booked them but they still exceeded my expectations; just another aspect that made our wedding day so wonderful.

by Bhuvinder Flora

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